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What is it?

Compost offers fantastic nutrients for plants, but compost tea takes those benefits to the next level.

By steeping compost in water and aerating with oxygen, a potent liquid fertilizer, rich in micro-organisms is created. When we incorporate worm castings in the brew, we produce a deeply nourishing elixir unsurpassed in nutrition.

Spraying compost tea directly on to leaves infuses plants with nutrients, helps protect them from foliar diseases, and can even enhance the flavor of their fruits and vegetables.

How to apply it

Though this tea is potent, you canโ€™t overdose or hurt your plants with it. You can apply the tea as often as you like. We generally give our garden a dose once a week. When applying compost tea to leaves, spray in the morning or late afternoon.

Don't miss the window!

The aeration process used when brewing the tea oxygenates it and supports key micro-organisms. These micro-organisms live for only about 24 hours in your bottle. This is why you must use compost tea within a day in order to fully utilize its benefits. 

Get some

If you'd like to purchase compost tea, we can arrange for you to come to the farm where you can buy by the bottle, or in larger quantities. 

Make your own

We also can help you learn how to concoct your own brew and supply you with the worm castings needed to give your tea ultimate nutrition. Contact us!