basic care for your worms:

Keep it shady- keep your worm bin in a shady spot with the lid on

Airflow- your bin has air holes so your worms can breathe

Keep it moist – keep the moisture level between 75 – 80%. Pretend your bedding is a sponge and if you squeezed it, just a few drops of water would fall. If your bedding gets drier, use a spray bottle or mister to add moisture.  Do not flood your bin.

Feed ‘em – One pound of pure worms should eat half a pound of food scraps every day. When the food is gone, feed them again. Do not overfeed your worms, as too much food may heat up the bedding, causing your worms to try to escape.

You can use shredded paper or cardboard as food, which is good for holding moisture. You can also use food scraps from vegetables or fruits. Try to avoid dairy, oils and meat products as they tend to attract unwanted pests, creating potential problems in your bin. 


Worms will double in population every three months. One square foot can accommodate 2,000 worms comfortably. When your population has grown beyond that capacity, you can move them into a free-flow harvester to begin easily collecting worm castings. Contact us for information on our custom-made, free-flow harvest boxes.