...doing our part to create a sustainable world.

It started with 7 worms. Three years later and Kauai Worms is now home to over 100,000 composting worms living in harmony and working their magic.

These wiggling wonders eat half of their body weight every day, taking human refuse and transforming it into the richest natural fertilizer in the world.

At Kauai Worms we harvest these nutrient-rich castings and offer them to the community. We supply it by the pound or as an activated brew of compost tea.

For those that want a worm farm of their own, we offer customized bins and worms.

Free consultations are available to anyone starting out.

Our goal is to help everyone realize Mother Nature's solutions to reducing waste and maximizing efficiency.

It's only natural.

Working with worms can transform our world, enhance the earth, and enrich our food.

Contact us - we'd love to connect with you.


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